Do you think you got what it takes
to be a Rebel?


We hate pretentions. Life is a – insert cliché but true quote. – At RBLS, we believe people have the choice to create their own future. We are curious, critical, ambitious and a bit mad, but in a good way.

We look holistically at society, business and social texture. There is no such thing as work/life balance, just life. Finding your purpose and pursuing your dreams & ambitions is what we share.

Why we do

With singularity breathing down our necks, it is necessary that independent parties stand up against the corporate machines that want to centralise this intelligence. We aim for fair use of new technology with the well-being of humanity at its center.

In a Vibrant City

Antwerp is a vibrant city in the North of Belgium and home to an active start-up community. The rich history combined with the rugged tales of the harbour, make it both a cool place to work as an awesome town to explore, party, mingle and thrive.

Open Positions

Our company is growing step by step. We are projecting to do our next round of hires around Februari 2017. Feel free to contact us via! Please include your Linkedin-url and a very brief motivation what you could bring to the table at RBLS. Check out possible careers below!

Service Designer

Growth Hacker

Business Developer

Drupal Developer

Innovation Consultant

PhD Researchers


A competitive salary

Multi-disciplinairy teams and challenges

Autonomy and educational opportunities


Earn more than the founders do

Real-life opportunities to change the world

Working with like-minded rebels