We want to expand beyond our business and provide the best of services

Value lies in the intersection of business, technology, research and design.

To provide the best of services we are connected to partners and projects that help us service our clients and broaden our horizon. For the future we are planning to expand to develop total solutions for clients, enabling them to transform their company on all levels simultaniously.

Made, Partner of the RBLS ecosystem



Transforming user-insights into revolutionary products, interfaces and services. Made is a full-service innovation agency.

Pinkeye, partner of the RBLS ecosystem



An award winning design studio. Pinkeye puts creativity at the center of the design process and strongly believes in cross-inspirational influences between different creative talents.

Provonix, partner of the RBLS ecosystem



A software development company building and integrating complex web systems in Drupal, and fostering the open source ecosystem wherever it can.

Spaced, partner of the RBLS ecosystem



Web and app development agency with a focus on iterative learning and conceptionalization for every sector.

Image of www.ophef.be Partner of the RBLS ecosystem



A service innovator for democracy. Their main objective is to maximize and optimize citizen participation and rethink and reformulate the current political system in Belgium and Europe.

partner ecosystem RBLS



If you believe our businesses could be of value to each other, feel free to drop us a line at maarten@rebelsofinnovation.com