We offer you the Building Blocks for Radical Innovation


We provide the Tools, Methodology, Software and Framework to enable Radical Innovation

When companies grow, knowledge and experience gets spread out and lost through the organisation. This makes it harder to innovate on a higher level than incremental.


So what most companies do, is take ideas and incubate them outside of the company in the hopes it one day will enhance their core business. What we do at RBLS is apply the science of innovation to organisations in which we help them achieve something fundamentally new.

“Experience is a strength to create change but also the obstacle for Radical Innovation. What companies need to learn is how to navigate through uncertainty by focussing on innovation discipline.”


– Dr. Mixel Kiemen // Head of Research RBLS

Innovation for

For teams up to 15 people, we facilitate the thinking processes towards radical innovation by having them think beyond the evident. In our workshops, we help you dive deep into your teams strengths and opportunities and create a plan of action to see something fundamentally new arise.

Innovation for

To assist an entire company with up to 150 employees, we structure and co-create a framework to pave the path to radical innovation. Usually the knowledge and experience to innovate is spread within a company and difficult to find. Based on our scientific methodology, we measure your company’s innovation potential, performance and power and pin-point the path towards radical innovation.

Innovation for

When an enterprise with over 150 employees wants to radically innovate, we need to educate managers to make them understand the deeper parts of the science of innovation. This way, we will be able to build the infrastructures needed for radical change. Through intrapreneurship, train the trainer sessions and workshops, we align the company’s innovation strategies and bring together innovation in the organisation, product- and/or service development and talent-management.