The Scientific Foundation
behind our Approach

We are partnered with an Interdisciplinary Research Group

We are associated with the international recognised interdisciplinary research group ECCO, which investigates the relation between: Evolution, Complexity and Cogntion.

This relation is essential to our work:

1) Evolutionary studies are essential to understand the radical change happening due to the current digital transformation. In particular, the studies on Evolutionary Cybernetics investigate how variation and selection leads to new levels of control.

2) Complexity studies allow us to understand the hidden order behind the chaos. In particular Complex Adaptive Systems, which have a relation to Evolutionary Cybernetics.

3) Cognition studies itself is an interdisciplinary field investigating the concept of intelligence. In particular, the investigation of Artificial Intelligence is relevant for us.

The ECCO research is a harbor for scientists of many domains. In fact it crosses almost any discipline.  The research group has a focus on sharing such different topics by seminars, just have a look at the seminar page to gain an insight of the richness of topics this group investigates: Topics

The Science of Innovation is in the Making

Our co-founder Mixel is a founding father of ECCO and investigates the nature of creativity and innovation. These studies on creativity make him a ‘hard-AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) researcher. When his findings made clear that workspaces (environments) should be considered the center of intelligence, he shifted his focus to innovation studies.

As a hard scientist working on innovation (mostly social sciences), he tries to shape innovation into an exact science. The science of the artificial (Herbert Simon’s work) forms the fundament of Mixel’s current work. Obviously, Mixel is always looking for any colleague who is interested in collaborating on the science of innovation!

Vision of the Global Brain Institute

With the rising interest of the public to understand the digital transformation, we have a project in the ECCO research group called the Global Brain Institute (GBI). Global events between 2010 (Arab spring) and 2011 (London riots) resulted in a generous sponsoring of GBI by the Yuri-Milner foundation, which has made several PhD scholarships (as of 2012) possible. To see the research of the GBI, visit their website.

GBI requires more allies to continue to grow. Currently, GBI can be considered the EU alternative to the Singularity University (SU), with master classes to grasp collective intelligence and develop appropriate platforms. In case you are interested, please contact us via


A critical perspective to exponential organizations and its hyper scalability

Detailed analysis and business model of digital businesses.

An interdisciplinary study on novelty regulation to produce radical change

Thesis for Doctor in the interdisciplinary studies.

Living Labs and Stigmergic Prototyping: towards a Convergent Approach

On the method to validate the research and its application.

The Agile-Enterprise Innovation Planning: How to align self-organization processes for innovation management

Update on the EIP paper, more focused on related the EIP state during self-organization acitivies on the innovation S-curve.