We change the way companies look at innovation.


Our research started with the question:
“How can we make Artificial Intelligence creative?”

In the multi-disciplinary fields of research on Artificial Intelligence, we have found that intelligence does not only origins from our brain but also from our environment. How can a brain “learn” if it’s not able to receive any input from our body’s senses and the environment which enriches it?


This principle does not only apply to humans, but also to groups and companies. The “collective intelligence” of a company can be created, regulated and utilised for a company’s development, growth and innovation.

What we do at RBLS, is providing the infrastructures needed to achieve this collective intelligence and the democratisation of innovation.


The Science of Innovation

We are practicing the science of innovation. It’s not about magic or luck, but about the dedicated and disciplined development of skills, talents, processes and organisations. Bringing companies into a state of FLOW is what we do.

Our Leadership

Dr. Mixel Kiemen


Maarten Tak


Franco Prontera


Dr. Mixel Kiemen

Research & Development

Maarten Tak

Design & Management

Franco Prontera

Business & Development

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